Friday, 10 April 2015

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Is there a complete guide to affiliate marketing for beginners out there?

The answer is no, probably not! The reason is probably that it is such a big area. I mean it is everywhere. It also covers so many topics. Let me explain a bit more about that in this video below.

Colin Burnett - Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

So let's delve right into this interesting area right away!!

Here are some popular areas of affiliate marketing explained. They all involve selling other peoples products to earn a commission.

Video Marketing

Videos are a great way to connect to people. As you see above, through that video, you kind of get to know me. You will see my personality and instantly know if you would like me or hate me. I don't mean to be that blunt really lol but it often simply is like that.

If you listen to a guy like David Wood too, he will say you will like him more and more as you keep watching videos. It was like that for me. He genuinely is a nice guy and once you give him a chance, you can see he means well and works hard to get people results.

This way is also fairly cheap and using platforms like YouTube, you can get a lot of traction quickly. There is obviously a lot of training needed for that though and you can see a guide on my blog here.

Email Marketing

This technique involves getting peoples details and using them to talk to these people. It really is an ethical way to talk to your potential and actual customers. It is easy for them to unsubscribe (generally) and if they don't want to see your stuff they can just black list it. 

You will need to spend some money however on auto-posters and training. It is a way to keep in contact with customers for life. Some common auto-responders are Aweber and Getresponse

affiliate marketing for beginners

Social Media Marketing

This is a very popular training topic for affiliate marketing for beginners right now. This technique can be free requiring a lot of work or free and automated. Things like YouTube and Facebook PPC are really popular and you can reach a lot of the right people really quickly.

There are other techniques like messaging warm leads on Facebook and also tweeting your news. As with a lot of this stuff, you can start teaching what you have learnt and you can quickly gain a customer base that way. Maybe you always use this technique without thinking about it !?!?!


Blogs are just on-line diaries. That statement is a thing of the past really. Blogs are something a lot different to that. You can do so many things with blogs. Firstly they are great things to keep communicating with your followers! Secondly they can get you seen a lot more online if you do the right thing. For affiliates, you can post links to your products and give great value as well.

Paid Advertising

This is probably the quickest way to build your business. If you have or find a great source to get people to your offer, you will have success quickly. 

So, I hope you enjoyed my guide to Affiliate marketing for beginners. The key to success is to pick one or two techniques above and get good at it. For example, I am a blogger and part time video guy. That's it. FOCUS!


Colin Burnett

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