Saturday, 11 April 2015

Blogging for Dummies

Blogging for Dummies - Guide To..

Hey there, my name is Colin Burnett and welcome to my blogging for dummies guide. Hope you are well today and ready to get going with this stuff. 

Blogging isn't a new thing but making money from a blog is a fairly new idea. There are basically a thousand ways to do that. There are also a lot of different reasons to blog so we will go into that.
 I will start with a video to introduce you to this topic....

Colin Burnett - Training for Blogging for Dummies.

Enjoy the vid? I know, it really was fairly short. It was shot in my gma's back yard here in QLD Australia.

I really do enjoy being home but like to get around and see a few things as well. So there is reason to keep growing my business, which I can work on anywhere in the world basically.

As Dave Wood would strongly advise, get a really big goal for your future and just focus on that. That will give you the motivation through the tough times to really get out there and kick some serious butt.

So let's get back to blogging for dummies. I have decided to go through a few really good pointers here and then close this thing up!

Point 1 

Get a good platform. Get out there and really study a few different platforms and see what suits you. This really is a good point for blogging for dummies. Click through here to see what type of platforms I use. Get this done as a definite first step and then get things happening.

There are a lot of different options depending on your tech ability and what you actually want to do with your blog.

Point 2 

Work out what you want to blog about. You really need to blog about your passion or you will not succeed. It is as simple as that. You will just lose motivation and put simple things together. You won't provide a great quality product and success will be difficult.

This point is a big one because I really did this once. I thought I could outsource all of the work for a website but it turns out I couldn't/

Point 3

Get help with writing posts. Set up a few pages as well then smash out some posts. You can't harm your blog by writing bad pages but you are wasting time as well. 

So get some good training, like on my blog, use it to your advantage.

This can't be understated too.

Point 4 

Promote the crap out of it. There are a ton of on and off page seo techniques that you can use to promote your blog. You really do need to be fairly careful as well though that you don't stuff things up.

That's why you need great training and go to my blog to get that. I also have some great YouTube videos on the topic.

Anyway, I wish you all the success in the world and will see you in my next post. Check back often for new, great, FREE tips!

Colin Burnett

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