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How To Make A Blog

How to Make a Blog - Easy Steps

How exactly do you make a blog?

Firstly...what is a blog? Well a blog is like an online diary. People use blogs to get their thoughts out there. It is basically just like a website except you update it a lot more often. There are a lot of ways you can create a blog post but it is mainly just typing.

So Let's go into a few easy steps on how to make a blog exactly.

Blog Creation Step 1

If you are going to blog, you will need a platform. It is just like a website, you need software to create the whole deal. There are a lot of options for this as well but there are a lot of main ones out there. 

Blogger, Wordpress and the Kalatau blogging platform are all leaders. They are all fairly easy to use as well. Kalatau is probably the easiest for beginners and offers a lot of training and incentives for just $25 a month.

I actually use all 3 platforms but Wordpress and Blogger are good as well. Blogger is owned by Google so maybe favored and completely free. Wordpress is really cheap to run a year but needs some tech knowledge to set up.

So spend a bit of time deciding what platform to choose for your first blog. You can't really go wrong with any of those three.

Step 2 

Set up your style. I wouldn't spend long on this. Just set up your blog and choose how you want it to look. It really doesn't matter as much as you would think. I see heaps of really basic blogs succeeding and really junky looking blogs sucking. It is more about how good the content is when learning how to make a blog.

Step 3

Start putting posts up. Maybe you can write a few pages like 'about me' and 'what do I do' before you lie to start but posts are important. Learning how to write a SEO optimized post is really cool. This means that you have a way better chance of ranking your posts. By ranking I mean being found on Googles' searches. 

Keywords are something you need to learn about in this process. You need to know what your potential customers search for and then write about that particular keyword. This is only if you want to get found and not really for hobby blogs. 

Step 4

Promote your blog and talk to your customers. Get your blog posts out there and really draw a lot of people in. Promotion can be done in so many ways. The really popular thing to do today is to share on social media. There are so many platforms but we all know the main ones.

This is often free but just takes your time. So you can get a lot of people in front of your blog very easily.

Other ways are paid traffic, word of mouth, offline marketing, email, blog commenting and posting.

Once you get people commenting and sharing your blog, interact with them. Be good at this, reply often and be prompt. It really is cool once you get people giving good feedback.

So that is my take on how to make a blog and I hope you got a lot from it.

I want you to succeed and put a lot of work together to make that happen.

I have a lot more info available here.

In the end though, It is up to you.



P.s. I really can't motivate you I'm sorry. I have been through the whole deal where I was with the wrong girl or something like that and things didn't happen for me. Well if you have some excuse, you just have to do something for yourself. You only live once and it can't always be with the wrong person.

What I am saying is do what you are passionate about and you will be successful. Also get a team around you who are helping you and lifting you up.

Bless and be blessed!!

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