Saturday, 11 April 2015

How To Make Money Blogging

Hey there, how are you today?

Before I talk too much about how to make money blogging...let me introduce myself.

Who am I?

My name is Colin Burnett and I come from the sunshine state, Queensland in Australia. I have travelled a lot in the last few years to places like Europe, the UK, the USA, Asia and South Africa.

My life wasn't always like that though. I come from a farming background. Until I was about 23 I lived in the outback working for my family's farm. I spent 5 years away at a boarding school for my high school.

That lifestyle was good but the trouble was I always looked for something more. I wanted to see the world! It was a big dream/goal for me and yeh it just didn't happen for a long time. It took me meeting a girl and travelling through Australia a bit before I really made the decision to hit the road.

Since that, life is crazy really. I mean I still spend a lot of time in the outback and stuff looking around and working but I also have other travel goals and also business goals.

You see, travel allowed me to find my calling in life. I realized that I was interested in business and money. I was also interested in other people and I want to help them! I want to empower people and make them believe in themselves.

So that is the first part of my story. You can check out my story here as well. There are a few different topics I want to talk about today, with the main one being how to make money blogging.

I have a few different blogs and all are about finance and personal development. Why not be the best version of yourself as you can be!

How to Make Money Blogging - Beginners Guide

So if you have come this far, you will be very keen to learn more about blogging. 

First of all, if you don't know, a blog is like an online diary. It is a bit different from a website because it is updated a lot.

So you can blog about anything and also use different techniques to get a lot of people to your blog. this is the first step on how to make money blogging.

The main thing is you need to monetize your visitors. You need to get out there and sell them something. The trick is though that you have to give them a lot of value in your products or service. Over deliver!

So there are a lot of ways to monetize your blog and I have a complete overview here.

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Colin Burnett

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